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Tips on what investors are looking for:                                           

  • Well thought through & fully optimized 'investor-orientated' business plan & executive summary.
  • An energized and fully co-operative management team that can deliver on its commitments.
  • Strong IP protection.
  • Groundbreaking, 'first in class' technology in areas of high unmet medical need.
  • Well understood target and mechanism of action.
  • Companion diagnostic(s) for patient selection, monitoring and follow up.
  • Digital health products
  • Drugs and devices that increase ‘at home’ patient management & empowerment, reducing hospitalizations & healthcare costs.
  • Product portfolio rather than a single product.
  • Associated technology platform that will continue to fill the pipeline.

Tips on creating the business plan:                                        

  • Put yourself in the investor’s position; forget being a scientist for a moment.
  • Keep the layout and the language simple and easy to understand.
  • Draw the reader’s attention to the unmet need upfront, before answering the need with your unique solution – your ‘secret sauce’.
  • Write the executive summary last, once the BP has been completed and fully refined.
  • Make the presentation and BP work for you, remembering that the reviewer sees hundreds of BP’s per year and, on average, allocates the following time to each:
    • 85% of BPs: 1-5 minutes (executive summary only).
    • 10% of BPs: 5-30 minutes (executive summary plus BP). 
    • 4% of BPs: 30-120 minutes (BP plus additional requested information). 
    • <1% of opportunities reach due diligence stage.
    • Only a handful of opportunities (<1%) are selected for investment.

Tips on staffing a business:                                                             

  • A start up company only gets one chance to get things right. Using the most experienced team is essential, whether fulltime or part-time.
  • Limited resources can usually be stretched, by out-sourcing work to part-time specialists. They may cost slightly more per hour, but will reduce overall time-to-market, risk and cost.
  • Splitting responsibilities into permanent and part-time can be simplified, when asking your self the questions:
    • Which tasks (usually technology-related) need to be completed by uniquely experienced individuals, (usually full-time) in >2 years?
    • Which tasks will be completed in 0.5-2 years and can be done by external specialists?
    • Which tasks only need a few hours a day or per month and can be performed by external specialists.
  • Sometimes ‘founders’ can be of more value retaining their university positions, supporting the new company on a part-time basis.   

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