Turning science into success!


Making a ground-breaking discovery is not enough. It needs to be turned into a unique, de-risked product offer that meets the needs of investors, regulatory bodies, pricing and reimbursement groups, M&A and licensing partners, doctors and, last but not least, patients.

This requires broad experience and an intimate understanding of how to:

  • Create and optimize a business strategy that maximizes valuation, whilst minimizing development risk and cost, and time to market.

  • Create and validate sound, defendable business plans and presentations.

  • Identify, approach and convince the right sources of non-dilutive and equity-securing funding.

  • Set up the right company structure in the most appropriate location and secure the best people (fulltime and part-time) for the task at hand.

  • Create, validate, implement and manage product development plans that will meet regulatory and pricing and reimbursement and market-entry needs.

  • Deal with product manufacturing, regulatory and procing and reimbursement issues.

  • Achieve the desired exit (M&A and IPO) or successfully out-license or commercialize your products and/or services. 

BIOSTART, supported by its >150-strong global, specialist BIOSTART Associate network, has the full range of knowhow and experience needed to give your business the best chance of achieving its goals in the shortest time and at the lowest cost and risk. 

BIOSTART’s 16-years in the consulting business, its worldwide client base and its long list of successes (see Testimonials) are all proof of what BIOSTART can do for your business. 

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