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BIOSTART will help you to find optimized and validated answers to the many key questions you may have, the answers to which will determine the overall success of your business. In this economic environment, companies have only one chance to get it right. Questions may include:

  • Which therapeutic areas/indications will be most interesting to investors & partners
  • Which therapeutic areas and indications carry greater risk? 
  • What can be done to reach the market in the shortest time and at the lowest cost?
  • What can be done to further de-risk the project?  
  • What can be done to maximize investor interest and the chances of securing funding?
  • Should we hire experienced personnel (full-time &/or part-time) or out-source the work? 
  • What needs to be done to maximize the chance of securing a licensiing partner?
  • Should we offer services and/or products and/or biomarkers?  
  • At what stage should we spin out the project from the university? 
  • How do we ensure that a fair portion of equity remains in the hands of the founders?
  • How do we maximize company valuation?


BIOSTART offers a comprehensive range of in-house and out-sourced services, including:

EARLY STAGE                       EARLY-MID STAGE             MID-LATE STAGE                 
Corporate strategy Project planning & validation Regulatory: EMEA & FDA
Business plan Service provider selection Fast track & Conditional Reg.
Business presentation Project management Pricing & reimbursement
IP review & optimization Production Marketing & PR
Company location & set up Co-development & JVs Commercialization
Staffing: permanent & temp. Orphan drug status Licensing & M&A
Interim management Company valuation Company valuation
Funding: all forms & sources Funding: all forms & sources IPO
Trouble shooting Trouble shooting Trouble shooting

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