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BIOSTART is headed up by Glenn Stanley, the CEO, who:

  • Has qualifications in Pharmacy, Business Management and Marketing.
  • Has senior management experience in leading biopharmaceutical and medtech companies.
  • Has held CEO and board positions in young biotech and medtech enterprises.
  • Has an exceptionally broad range of management experience, including corporate strategy, R&D, business development (JV, licensing, M&A), sales and marketing (local and global).
  • Is a Venture Kick Jury Member; Venture Kick is a Swiss public-provate start up venture fund.
  • Is an advisor to several ‘high net worth' families and family offices offices.
  • Is on the advisory boards of several public & provate investment groups.
  • Is a Guest Lecturer at a well known, highly ranked international business school.


The BIOSTART Core Team consists of industry-experienced individuals with knowhow that covers all aspects of the biotech/medtech business and who have direct and immediate access to BIOSTART's worldwide business networks (see below).


When BIOSTART is commissioned to manage a client's project:

  • A project leader and project team are identified, based on the technology area, needs of the client and the client's budget.
  • The project is discussed, an action plan is defined and relevant BIOSTART Specialist Associates, KOLs, Investors and M&A/Licensing Partners are identified from BIOSTART’s networks.
  • The client receives a proposal, which is discussed, fine-tuned and agreed.
  • The project is started.
  • The client is provided with weekly feedback on progress made.


BIOSTART Business Networks support the activities of the BIOSTART Core Team:

BIOSTART Specialist Associates:

BIOSTART works closely with >150 BIOSTART Associates who are specialized in every area of the business, bringing the most experienced team together in order to provide the best solutions to your unique set of needs.


BIOSTART works with a very substantial number of key opinion leaders, in all major disease and technology areas, who are ready and able to advise you.

Funding Sources:

BIOSTART has exceptional relationships, built over the past 16 years, with >350 regional and global Investment Groups (VCs, family offices, investment banks, etc.), >150 Foundations, around 100 Regional Development Organizations and >50 Global Initiatives.

M&A and Licensing Partners:

BIOSTART is well connected with >150 leading biopharmaceutical and medtech companies in search of new partnering opportunities.

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